eXcelerate Looper Rim - Wide - Foam - CLEARANCE

Cyrul 3DFX

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Product Overview

UPDATE: These rims have the air leak issue - We have new ones on the way. We reccomend only using these rims for FOAM INSERT tire setups. We will post a new part # and listing when the new ones arrive.


eXcelerate Radials are here!! Extremely high quality rubber combined with a super tough yet flexible kevlar belt for maximum grip without ballooning. These products are also designed to have equal mounting bead diameters for improved stability, consistancy and forward grip!! 

Specifically designed for our 66mm bead tires, our most popular rim from the 3D Printing line up will be re-designed specifically for these tires. These rims will be made to allow for foam or air usage with a Schrader valve (not included). Rims will be injection molded from super tough nylon to ensure a high level of durability.

NOTE: Image above is concept design. Samples are being 3D printed for testing and development. Image will be updated next week with the test samples and will be continually be updated as we progress to a final product.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review