PL-C7 Hood Insert

Cyrul 3DFX

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Usually ships in 2-3 weeks.

Product Overview

The Cyrul 3DFX hood insert for the PL C7 replaces the bulky hood shape for a more aerodynamic shape that adds downforce and stability. Back to back testing has yeilded higher top speeds and more consitent passes with as much as a .08 second improvement ET.


Processing Time: Our products are "print to order" so lead time could be up to 3+ weeks from point of purchase to ship date. We are expanding our printing capacity to optimally keep this below 2 weeks but keep in mind that if you need a product for an event, we will need ample time to get your order into our print list.

Color Note: Our products are printed on resin printers. All colors, even "black" can be slightly transparent in direct sunlight and will appear slightly blue or purple in color. Low light or indoor lighting it is not noticable. We can not make "black" a pure black in color due to this process.

Warranty Information

WARNING!!! 3D Printed parts are not as durable as typical injection molded parts. Excessive overtightening of wheel nuts, crashes or hard impacts will break the products. Using cars with direct body mount systems also put excessive force directly into suspension or rim components which can exceed the product’s safety factor and are highly suggested against using. All sales are final and there is no warranty or returns.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review