City of Tarok™ Roadside Inn

Cyrul 3DFX

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Product Overview

The City of Tarok™ is a medieval and fantasy village set with buildings that were great at their height, but after a huge war, they are just crumbling remains of the gorgeous buildings they once were. The area is still populated, but the inhabitants have fallen on hard times. As people come back, the once-abandoned buildings are getting new life, the mill, blacksmith, and mine are working again and there is new light where once, there was only darkness.

This is the Roadside Inn from the series. You can open and close the doors to make your tabletop more alive. All the cracks and every detail is modeled individually. You’ll find a few repeating patterns on this model.

Windows have a slot where you can place transparent plastic foil (plastic foil not included) or you can print out glass images with your inkjet printer. Use small tea lights (tea light not included) to imitate the light inside while your players are adventuring in this area.

Comes unpainted and are printed by order

Miniatures are not included as they are shown for scale.

It's printed with PLA which is one of the most environmentally friendly filaments on the market today. Derived from crops such as corn and sugarcane, PLA is renewable and most importantly biodegradable and not toxic. Items printed with it are durable and strong.

The model is provided to us by Black Scrolls as an officially licensed seller. We are capable of printing ALL of Black Scrolls designed models, please contact us for requests of any of the designs and we will add the product for you!



(No reviews yet) Write a Review